JFD President visits Governor prior to National Conference of the Deaf in Saga Prefecture

JFD President Ishino Fujisaburo (left) shows Gov. Furukawa Yasushi how to sign.
(photo: http://www.saga-s.co.jp/news/saga.0.1940620.article.html)

June 8, 2011

The 59th National Conference of the Deaf started on June 8 in Saga City, Saga Prefecture. It is annually held for the Deaf persons to gather from across the country and deepen the research and the social exchange aimed at the social independence and the social status improvement.

ISHINO Fujisaburo, President of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf visited the Saga Prefectural Government with other officials, and asked Governor FURUKAWA Yasushi for cooperation aiming at the enhancement of the welfare for the persons with disabilities.

Ishino described, "The interpreting was provided at the Government press conference three days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, which made us understand how matters stand during the disaster." He also appealed for understanding to the needs of the Deaf community.

Governor Furukawa explained the case with the prefecture such as a barrier-free film festival with caption, and promised to cooperate. He said, "We will work positively when requesting to the Government."

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