Japanese cartoon about Deaf girl adapted for Chinese TV show

Chinese young stars who acted as sweethearts
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Cho Reirei presents a speech on her hard work to produce a Chinese version.
(photo: http://www.peoplechina.com.cn/wenhua/2011-05/18/content_358893.htm)

June 25, 2011

Cho Reirei, president of the Communication Satellite Broadcasting "Daifu," who has taken an active part between Japan and China as a producer, adapted a popular Japanese cartoon for a Chinese TV drama. It was aired on the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) at the end of May, and was highly applauded in China.

The original cartoon titled "Your hands whisper" by KARUBE Junko is about a Deaf girl who was getting over the difficulties in the daily life. The setting was replaced to China for the TV show.

In China, such a show with a lot of sign language used was the first time.

Cho, a former Chinese student who studied in Japan, said, "The influence that the South Korean drama has had on relations between Japan and South Korea was great. I want to introduce a good work on Japan in China, and to give them a good impression."


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さおり said...

The name for this Chinese drama is 大爱无声. The name for the Japanese drama is 君の手がささやいている. It'd be more helpful if you included the original names, so that other people can find and enjoy these dramas as well.

I love the Japanese version. Just watched the first episode. I watched a few minutes of the Chinese drama, and the emotion just isn't the same from first glance.

When is pushing the cart in the Japanese one, he keeps asking to move by her, but she can't hear him. But in the Chinese one, the guy is running with the cart and bumps into her. It wasn't her fault at all (x_x). So there was no tension when he found out she was deaf.