iPhone application program to guide the Deaf passenger on bus

Figure: iPhone application program for the Deaf
left: selection of the destination or the bus stop.
center: showing the position of the bus running, the arrival time and the fare.
right: showing the bus approaches the destination or the bus stop with the vibration.
(photo: http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0605/OSK201106050046.html)

June 6, 2011

The supporting system with the use of "iPhone" for the Deaf passenger to get on the bus at ease was developed. It has a feature to make the user know when to get off the bus because of the vibration. It is expected practical use in the public transportation facility.

FUJIWARA Akimasa, professors of the Hiroshima University Graduate School (Traffic Engineering) and his team had developed as a consignment project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in 2010.

The Deaf passenger starts a special application program of iPhone and selects the destination or the bus stop, which is specified by Global Positioning System (GPS) to show arrival time and the fare. iPhone vibrates when the bus stop to get off approaches, and displays the name of the bus stop. Warning goes out when the Deaf passenger gets on a wrong bus.

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