Intensive training for 2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships

Morimoto, a world-record holder, practices hammer throwing at the training camp.

June 19, 2011

The 2nd World Deaf Athletics Championships (WDAC) will take place in Toronto, Canada in July, 2012.

Intensive training for the Japanese athlete candidates was held on June 18-19 in Tottori City, in which 23 people including athletes, trainers and staff participated and worked hard.

At the second training event, the athletes went through a warm-up and each of them worked on the training schedule respectively.

Head coach SAEGUSA Takayuki (42) spoke, "They usually practice separately, but this time they practiced together which led to good team work and the improvement of the skills".

MORIMOTO Masatoshi (25) is a hammer throwing gold medalist of the 1st WDAC and the world-record holder, too. He said with a smile, "My physical strength has fallen a little, and I piled up the practice firmly in these two days. The new world record and the 2nd straight victory will be my targets."

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