Hearing teacher fired for repeated corporal punishment to Deaf sisters for a year

May 27, 2011

A temporary teacher (28), who taught the class for the hard hearing students in a municipal junior high school in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, repeated corporal punishments, such as sticking the arm or the leg of the Deaf sisters with a pen, kicking their knee, etc. for a year until October, 2010.

He apologizes saying that his teaching way has been harsh to the sisters, on May 19 when requested to leave the teaching position.

Both the sisters were enrolled from the Shiga Prefecture Oral School for the Deaf; the elder sister in April, 2006 and the younger sister two years later. The elder sister has already graduated.

The school administration tried to guide the teacher after their parents protested. As he didn't show any improvement, the principal was recommending him to leave in the middle of May.


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