Fund-raising campaign for prefecture Deaf sports meet

June 22, 2011

The 44th Hokkaido Prefecture Deaf Sports Meet, which is scheduled in Otaru City on June 24-26, may not be open because of the financial deficit of about 320,000 yen.

The total amount of fees collected from the business advertising was not enough due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Otaru Society of the Deaf (67 members) that organizes the event will work to raise funds again to overcome the financial distress.

Over 360 Deaf participants aged between 15 and eighties from all the prefecture in the northern island of Japan compete by seven games like futsal, bowling, etc. at the annual sports meet.
It was the first time in 25 years to be held in Otaru.

The Otaru Society has been advancing the preparation little by little since last year. However, the devastating earthquake occurred in March which delayed the preparation as the priority had have to be given to support the Deaf victims in the stricken area as a society.

The Prefecture Deaf Sports Meet, which would lead to the National Athletic Meet for the Deaf, is a big event for the Deaf who love sports.

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