Full-time sign language interpreter placed first time at public hospital in Gifu Prefecture

Interpreter (right) reports on current state, etc. of interpreting service to Kawaue Akio (left), former president of Gifu City Welfare Society of the Deaf in the Gifu City Hospital.
(photo: http://www.gifu-np.co.jp/news/kennai/20110621/201106211007_14208.shtml)

June 21, 2011

The interpreter has started to work full-time in the Gifu City Hospital in Gifu Prefecture since June. She interprets for the Deaf patient when examining and treating, etc. to make communications smooth between the Deaf client and the medical expert.

Few medical institutions across in the country places the full-time sign language interpreter, so the attempt by the Gifu City Hospital as a public hospital is the first time in the prefecture.

Before the rebuilding maintenance project that the hospital is advancing now, there was an informal meeting that gathered the representative of each group of the persons with disabilities. KAWAUE Akio, former president of Gifu City Welfare Society of the Deaf, demanded that the hospital should offer the full-time interpreting service.

The city provides its interpreting service which needs the reservation beforehand, being unavailable for emergency such as sudden illness, etc.

The sign language interpreter works, standing by at the reception desk in the hospital 8:30-13:30 weekday.

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