Fifth anniversary establishment of home for the Deaf senior in Hyogo Prefecture

Oya Susumu (left), director of the home for the Deaf senior, explains the brief history of the home.


The gathering that celebrated the fifth anniversary establishment of a special elderly nursing home called "Awaji Owl Village" in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture took place on May 28. About 500 people including the Deaf aged residents, staff, and those who supported the facility participated.

The home for the Deaf senior was established in April, 2006 by a social welfare group named "The Hyogo Welfare Project Association for the Deaf", the kind of first facility that offers the accessibility to the Deaf senior in the prefecture.

Not only sign language, but also "tentacle sign", the projector, etc. have been used for the communication in the facility. Moreover, there is a device such as a lighting lamp attached to the ceiling in the private room instead of the buzzer, too.

There are 60 persons at present in the facility and 48 of them are Deaf. Seventy-one staff are fluent in sign language, making efforts to a local exchange such as providing the sign language class.

In the ceremony, the letter of thanks was presented to the volunteers and the neighborhood association, etc. The commemorative gift was presented also to the eldest Deaf resident TERAOKA Hatsue (100). She was pleased, saying that "I live long because of the wonderful facility life and the support from the local community."

On the platform, facility director OYA Susumu (63), who is Deaf, greeted in sign language, "We feel grateful for those who supported us to manage the facility."

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