Emergency call by portable online helps the Deaf

"Web119", the online emergency report system, functions only by connecting the address of the user.
(photo: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/news/20110605-OYT1T00478.htm)

June 5, 2011

Five cities and one town in the Hanshin area such as Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture have started the new 119 report system "Web119" for the Deaf with the use of the Internet in the cellular phone.

If a cellular phone contains the Global Positioning System (GPS) function, the whereabouts of the report can be found within the range of a lot of meters. The group of persons with disabilities welcomes more means of the emergency call.

"Web119" is a system that contact the fire fighting bureau instruction center for the emergencies even without talking when to use the Internet function of the cellular phone.

It is possible to inform easily without a complex character input when connecting with the address of the user issued beforehand only by choosing options such as "Home," "Destination," "Emergency," "Fire," etc.

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