Disaster alert text message system for the Deaf

Izumi Masato (right), secretary-general of the Deaf council, explains the disaster emergency system via e-mail.
(photo: http://www.chugoku-np.co.jp/News/Tn201106240050.html)


The Bingo Disaster Prevention Council for the Deaf invited the persons in charge of the three cities and one town in the east part of Hiroshima Prefecture to the meeting in the City Region Activity Support Center in Fukuyama City in the prefecture on June 23. The meeting was about how the disaster emergency system via e-mail worked.

About 40 persons in charge of disaster prevention and fire station members participated. IZUMI Masato, secretary general of the Council, explained the system which has started in June, and asked for the information that the disaster emergency headquarters had been set up in the public office because he will corresponded ahead of time. The participants responded that they would cooperate positively.

Izumi will receive the information from the local administration via cellular phone, put the color to show the degree of risk in the background of the text message and e-mail all the Deaf members. Information is accepted from the member in the disaster area.

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