Deaf woman from South Korea speaks 4 languages

"The reason why a Deaf person like me can talk in 4 languages"

A Credit Suisse employee Kim Sue Lin speaks clearly, "Anything doesn't arise from the negative thinking, and anything doesn't change."

June 20, 2011

Kim Sue Lin (39) is the author of a book titled "The reason why a Deaf person like me can talk in 4 languages."

She explained why she wrote it. "My life has been a rocky and full of drama. I told about it humorously, and all friends were shocked. At the same time they urged me to write a book by all means, which I decided to do it."

Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her parents were divorced when she was two years old. She was deserted by them at the age of four, became a homeless child, and lost hearing at the age of six.

Kim came to Japan to live with mother who remarried to the Japanese, at the age of 12. Mother owned the snack bar and was hardly able to care for Kim. She had been cared temporarily by other. She did not understood any school lessons, getting the low grade, bullied by her classmates, too.

Usually such a life full of troubles makes you feel pessimistic, but Kim was different.

"I had neither money nor an academic background. I am Deaf, too. I thought, 'I have to learn English if I live alone'."

Kim determined to go to study in Britain by herself after she had graduated from the high school. She learned how to move the mouth and to use the throat for the vibration, practiced repeatedly, and mastered English. Afterwards, she traveled 30 countries for three years. Kim also learned Spanish to have a cheerful friend of Latin origin.

When speaking in English in a foreign-affiliated financial institution that she found employment, Kim introduced herself, saying "I'm deaf" without any hesitation, and requested the other party to speak slowly for her.

Kim is fluent in four languages; Korean, Japanese, English and Spanish.

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