Deaf swimmer aiming at World Deaf Swimming Championships

Kanaji Yoshikazu, one of the best high school swimmers in Saga Prefecture.

June 20, 2011

KANAJI Yoshikazu (17), a hard of hearing senior of Karatsu Trade High School in Saga Prefecture, will compete in "the 3rd World Deaf Swimming Championships" in Portugal in August 6 - 13.

He is one of the best swimmers who shone to triple crown by backstroke 50,100 and 200 meters in the prefecture high school contest. In the upcoming championship, he has been enlisted for six items including three backstroke items. Kanaji willingly said, "I want to take the gold medal back home and give the Deaf community courage".

He had been persuaded by the president of the Japanese Deaf Swimming Association to participate in the championship, in January, 2011. He was puzzled because he had never competed in the Deaf swimming game; he has always swum against the able-bodied swimmers for a long time.

However, he learned that an Olympic swimmer from South Africa also had competed in the past, and determined participation.

Kanaji has swum with mother who was an instructor the swimming club since he was a little baby. He became one of the top-class swimmers in the prefecture due his efforts. He currently swims about 5,000 meters six days a week.

He has marked 60.00 seconds for the 100-meter backstroke this season, which has already exceeded the best record of the last meet by 1.32 seconds.

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