Deaf students to perform drum as part of JFD national conference in Saga Prefecture

May 24, 2011

Students in the middle school of Saga Prefectural School for the Deaf, located in the southern island of Japan, are working hard at the practice to perform the Japanese drum for an opening ceremony of JFD's "The 59th National Conference of the Deaf" scheduled in Saga City in June.

Many of the Deaf victims in the Tohoku region struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake will participate in the conference, too. The students are enthusiastic to play, "We want to demonstrate our powerful performance so that they may get inspired."

The drum lesson is popular among the schools for the deaf in the whole country, because the Deaf student can feel the vibration of the drum with the body. The students have played the drum for about 20 years for the events such as a sports meet and a cultural festival at Saga School.

This time, 20 boys and girls from the school will perform, having begun a workout every day since April. The drum performance will take place in the cultural center in Saga City at 9:50am, June 12.

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