Deaf students experience as fisherman offing in Nagasaki Prefecture

June 9, 2011

Six high school students of Nagazaki Prefecture School for the Deaf located in Omura City, Nagazaki Prefecture had a fishing experience program in the offing in the Nagasaki City on June 8. It was a part of the workshop trip that students plan by themselves.

It was the first time for the fisherman to accept these Deaf students, but they were so eager that they worked well as a fisherman a day.

The Deaf students had planned the two-night workshop trip before graduating next spring. They found a fisherman experience program that fisherman MIURA Hiroo (46) has offered, and applied by fax.

Miura thought first he would refuse the application because it was dangerous to fail to hear audio warnings. However, he consented willingly because of the students' positiveness.

The six students went out offshore of about 15 minutes by ship wearing the rain jacket and the life jacket over their gym wear and began working.

TSUBOTA Isamu (19) signs about his impression, "Handling the fishing net was heavy and was difficult though I had thought that I could do it even in my best ability."

UEDA Taiki (19), whose grandfather is a fisherman, has lived in the dormitory since he was three years old. The fishery experience was the first time for him. He signed, "I learned something good though it was tough for me."

A part of the fish that was landed lined up immediately in the morning fair. Miura made the fish into slices of raw fish and other in boiling to serve the students. He said, "Please remember something you usually eat means you are given the life."

Across the sea where the engine sounds so loudly that it is hard to catch what is said on the ship, the students divided into two ships easily communicated in sign language one another.

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