Deaf painter holds first art exhibition in hometown in Saga Prefecture

Yonemitsu Daikurou proudly points at one of his works, "Morning Fair" that he draws stoutness of woman who sells fish in port.

June 8, 2011

YONEMITSU Daikurou (64), a Deaf painter living in Tokyo, held his retrospective exhibition of western-style paintings on June 7-12 in the Saga Prefectural Art Museum in Saga City, his hometown, with 52 oil paintings including an initial work to the recent work.

Yonemitsu lost hearing by the high fever of an uncertain cause at the age of three. He came to like drawing the picture, influenced by the cartoon comics such as "The Iron Man No.28."

He went to Tokyo University of Education (present the University of Tsukuba) School for the Deaf in Chiba Prefecture and studied art. Ever since he has worked hard supported by the word of his former Deaf art teacher, "The power of eyes of the Deaf is excellent."

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