Colorfully-attired rangers disguised by teachers to support Deaf children

June 23, 2011

The event was held at the Hyogo Prefectural Toyooka Special Support School for the Deaf in Toyooka City on June 22. The school introduced a new group called the "Toyooka Rangers and the Special Support Fleet," originally formed by the school staff.

Each teacher wrapped in a red, blue, and yellow clothes acts as a hero. They will perform as a "hero who helps children with disabilities" in various events in the future.

The school has 24 Deaf children and students schools from preschool to junior high school. The teachers bought the colorful clothes on the market with the 50,000-yen donation by a local Lions Club.

To supplement the audio information for the Deaf students, the school has practiced the education method that emphasizes on visual support with the use of a colorful illustration and a photograph of person as the teaching material.

The "colorful rangers" are a part of the attempt to improve students' concentration and to promote them to positively participate in various events.

On the day, the exchange program was held with ten local Lions Club members in the gym. When the colorful rangers showed up and took a good pose after attacking the teachers who acted as a villain, all the students watched eagerly. They also enjoyed playing a game with three rangers and the Lions Club members.

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