Three people killed or injured by Deaf man in Osaka


Two men and a woman were killed or injured severely in the apartment at Osaka City.

The Osaka Prefecture Police arrested an unemployed man named TSUKIYAMA Sakae (59) for the suspicion of the homicide and the attempted murder on April 30.

Tsukiyama killed ONISHI Yoshitomo (44) and his ex-wife SHIMOMURA Yuka (39), both unemployed and lived in the same room, with the kitchen knife and stabbed the neck of the neighbor (68) living in another room on April 27.

Tsukiyama, Onishi and Shimomura are Deaf. They have been friends for more than a decade years, a kind of love triangle. Tsukiyama has lived on the public benefit.

He explained, "Onishi came to my home and wanted to take me to his home, so I felt something dangerous and hid the kitchen knife." The reason to attack the neighbor, as he said, "because he suddenly walked out of his room on my way to get out of the crime scene."

Another neighbor (78) near the apartment where Tsukiyama lives said with a surprise, "He is rather obedient. He often cleaned the garbage depository in the apartment. I cannot believe he was arrested for the murder".

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