Signature activity on information accessibility for the Deaf in Fukuoka Prefecture


May 15, 2011

About 100 concerned persons of the Fukuoka City Welfare Society for the Deaf collected the signatures near Hakata Station, etc. on May 14 in order to request the development of legal systems that protect the Deaf right to receive information in various scenes of the social life including the disaster, etc.

In the Great East Japan Earthquake, neither the disaster prevention wireless nor radio on shelter information failed the Deaf community, causing the problem that many were too late to escape from the devastating tsunami. A source from Miyagi Prefecture states that at least 14 Deaf persons have died there.

NAKAMURA Shinsaku (63), board director of the Society says, "This is a serious problem that affects our life. We want the Government to establish the legal system at once."

Collected signatures will be submitted to the Diet through the Japanese Federation of the Deaf.

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