Schools for the Deaf in the disaster-hit area report : Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures

April 26, 2011

Each school for the Deaf located in Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima Prefectures, where the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami hit, made a report on the current situation.

- Iwate Prefecture Morioka Support School for the Deaf
There was no damage by the tsunami because the school is located in the inland. Some cracks were found in the wall due to the earthquake.

No children and family suffered from the big damage either, and various goods were insufficient because of the stagnation of business circulation.

It was possible to get it over as the school was just closed for the spring vacation. We wish to express our gratitude for the Japanese Federation of the Deaf's Deaf Relief Project delivering necessary things such as the batteries the other day.
School started again on April 12, a little behind the yearly schedule and the entrance ceremony was held the next day. The children all are very cheerful now. We are committed to advance their education though the aftereffect of the earthquake still remains.

- Miyagi Prefecture Morioka Support School for the Deaf
In the schoolhouse and the gym, etc. including the dormitory there are mainly peeling off and a lot of cracks of mortar. However, these actually haven't prevent the children from attending the class.
The class has been restarted since April 21. As there is few obstacle from the traffic interception, the children has commuted at the regular time since April 25. Extracurricular activities after school, etc. are scheduled to restart, too.
There are several children and their families whose home was damaged by the tsunami though neither any children nor the parents are missing or injured. It is hard to find out about their family situation in detail, but we assume that there is no children who psychologically suffer the great shock at some extent to refuse going to school.

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