Saga Prefecture Education Board promotes learning support for Deaf children with iPad

May 14, 2011

The Saga Prefecture Education Board will work on the practice research that uses multifunctional portable terminal "iPad" for the learning support for the children with disabilities in cooperation with The University of Tokyo Advanced Science and Technology Research Center.

They will exchange the agreement statement on the joint research project in the Prefecture Government Office on May 18, and research for one year in relation to the improvement of learning and communications.

The center and Softbank, one of the mobile communications companies, has worked on the learning support system for the children with disabilities in five prefectures since fiscal year 2009, using the cellular phone. The next project will be expanded based on the previous one, in which 34 schools will participate from 18 prefectures including Tokyo and Saga.

The project will be concluded in a form of a case collection to help educational institutions, etc. get aware of the effect of the information terminal use. The use of iPad will be expected to promote the Deaf children's social participation, even if they are not fluent in sign language.

Prefecture Office on Promotion Information officials speak, "If effectiveness can be found, We want to consider the introduction as a learning support tool."

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