Okinawa women volleyball team wins the regional championship

May 24, 2011

The National Sports Meet Deaf Volleyball Game Kyushu Regional Preliminary Competition, sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, etc., was held in Miyazaki Prefecture on May 21. Six teams competed in the tournament.

The Okinawa women volleyball team accomplished the 12th straight victory. They vowed for the first national conquest, "To win the national championship, we will challenge with a strong determination."

The nine teammates are aged from 17 to 42; the places of residence and the occupations are also different. They have worked hard at the practice once a week.

Team leader INAMI Kotono (25) said, "We had a powerful Fukuoka team for the first match, feeling a bit anxious, but our team spirits were so good that our serves went excellent." Coach SHIMAJIRI Hirotoshi spoke, "I will instruct the team how to develop better combination in the court in preparation for the National Sports Meet in Yamaguchi Prefecture in October, 2011."

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