Messages sent to encourage Deaf students in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures

May 12,2011

The children and students at the Nogata School for the Deaf in Fukuoka Prefecture in the southern island sent the messages together in the thick paper to both the schools for the Deaf in Koriyama City, Fukushima and in Sendai City, Miyagi on May 9. They wanted to encourage the Deaf students affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The messages were written as follows: "I am worried very much for you. We are thinking of you forever." "How are you? How are your father and mother? I am anxious about you. I pray for you with my heart."

A Nogata School official says that they learned the damage of both the schools through the national school for the deaf principals' association, such as home was washed away by the tsunami, the nuclear power plant crisis has forced the local residents and families to move out to other prefectures.

The class took up the earthquake as a topic. Also the teachers and students discussed what they would do for the friends in East Japan, and decided to send the message to both the schools.

Young children of the kindergarten division drew pictures, and the students in the elementary division wrote the messages on the paper. They stuck the pictures and messages on the thick paper with some photographs and the folded paper (origami).

The Nogata School official says, "We will be happy if our messages inspire and cheer up these students in the stricken area even a little."

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