Hearing girl plays the role of a Deaf girl in the movie

Oba Haruka acts as a Deaf girl.

Oba (left) and Director Nishikawa Fumie show the poster in the stage.
(photo: http://www.moviecollection.jp/news/detail.html?p=2500)

May 18, 2011

The movie titled "Jump on the footpath!" is about a Deaf junior high school student.

The preview of the movie, which was filmed in Niigata Prefecture, took place at Niigata City on May 10. OBA Haruka and director NISHIKAWA Fumie gave a speech in the stage after the screening.

The filming of "Jump on the footpath!" has spent three years. At that time, Oba was in the third grade of junior high-school. She said, "I participated in the dance and performance workshops for four months without understanding anything. I remember I had a hard time then. I worked out on the lesson by man-to-man with the director, so I believe we made a good movie."

Nishikawa has worked on the film project for four years, having three years until the opening to the public."This movie is like my child I have long cared for. I hope it will succeed."

The movie will be shown with caption on June 11 at Niigata City's theaters and later across the country.

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