Defense counsel appeals "imprisonment delay" for Deaf defendant at trial

May 24, 2011

A 63-year-old man invaded the apartment in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture and stole the cash 30,000 yen in September, 2010. He was prosecuted in March, 2011. The first trial was held at the Fukuoka district court on May 23.

The defendant, Deaf since birth, was convicted, repeated a similar crime 19 times in the past and was imprisoned for 20 years or more. It turned out that he had a slight intellectual disability by the crime investigation.

At the first trial which interpreting was provided, the defendant admitted the prosecution, but there was a scene that he sometimes repeated what was interpreted, unable to answer the question, so the trial did not advanced smoothly.

The prosecutor demands the penal servitude for two years as "there are a lot of previous offenses even if the disability is considered."

The defense counsel insisted, "the defendant has been in the gap between justice administration and welfare. It is necessary to examine the optimal way for him to live in the society." He concluded with the decision for sentence of suspension.

The final decision is expected to be given on June 13.

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