Deaf student wins excellent prize in cable television contest in Kyushu

Participants communicate with one another in sign language while scuba diving (a scene of Nakamura's work with caption) .

Nakamura Chika

May 26, 2011

One of the Ishigaki Cable TV Program titled "Let's Overcome The Gap!" which was produced by NAKAMURA Chika, a Deaf Okinawa University senior and others won an excellent prize at the "Cable TV Kyushu Program Contest 2011" sponsored by the Japanese Cable TV Federation Kyushu Branch.

There was an award ceremony in Fukuoka Prefecture on May 24. Nakamura was pleased, saying "I never expected that my work would be chosen because I am Deaf and a student."

The organizer said that it was unusual that a student's work would win in the contest for the professionals.

Nakamura's work is a documentary film with the theme related to the diversity of communications. She produced it while she was on the job at the Ishigaki Cable TV station in the summer of 2010.

She tried to convey the importance of various communications in different places such as meetings of the Deaf and hearing persons, chatting while scuba diving, etc. The film is captioned.

Nakamura said, "I was able to touch nature and the culture in Ishigaki, Okinawa through working on the film. I want to find employment in the media in the future and to spread information on the Deaf/hard of hearing."

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