Deaf parents arrested on the suspicion of their baby boy's death in Osaka

May 15, 2011

The Osaka Prefectural Police Investigation Division arrested a Deaf couple on the suspicion of injury on their baby on May 15.

According to the Police, ABE Hiroyuki (21), self-styled company employee, and his wife and vocational training school student Chiyomi (34) are suspected for severely injuring the eldest son Hayate who was three months old. The couple are Deaf and live with the baby, Hiroyuki's younger sister and her friend in Osaka City.

The Deaf parents are suspected of the assault at home, etc. between October and December 2010 to the baby boy Hayate, and owing severely injuring of the hematoma under an acute dura mater and the fractures, etc.

The baby died in the hospital in January, 2011. Informed by the doctor, the police are investigating the death thinking that there was a regular abuse.

Suspect Abe told the police that his son's injury was that his leg was stepped by other children," etc. Suspect Chiyomi also has denied the charges.

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