Deaf jealous father abuses his baby son to death

Suspect Abe Hiroyuki is sent to the prosecutors office on suspicion of injury to eldest son.

May 17 2011

Three-month-old ABE Hayate died in Osaka City in January, 2011, the Deaf parents were arrested on the suspicion of abuse.

Suspected father Hiroyuki (21) e-mailed his wife Chiyomi (34) that he was not satisfied with her as she cared for the baby too much. According to the police investigation on May 17, he was angry that she has been busy with the baby and didn't come up to the video chat with him, etc.

The couple married in the spring, 2010, and Hayate was born on October 4 in the same year according to the investigation officials.

The cruelty was started as suspect Hiroyuki got angry immediately after Hayate was born as Chiyomi paid more attention to him than her husband. Also, it is suspected that she did nothing to do to protect the baby.

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