Deaf and hearing friends enjoy the friendship softball event in Nagoya City

The Deaf participants play softball as a part of the friendship event.

May 9, 2011

The Nagoya City Society of the Deaf held the 32nd friendship softball event in the Sportsland at Moriyama Ward in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture on May 7.

The Deaf participants from graders through the sixties and their families, Nihon Fukushi University (Japan Welfare University) students and friends participated. They were divided into three teams and enjoyed the exciting game.

On the pleasant day like an early summer, all the participants enjoyed playing, and cheered one another in sign language.

Society chairman Yasuhiro Nishikawa (54) said with a smile, "All the Deaf and hearing participants had a good time together."


Herbert said...

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meandmyshadow said...

Hi there,
sorry to randomly write a comment on your blog...but I have been scouring the internet for something and your blog keeps coming up so I thought 'worth a try'.
Years ago I lived in Nagoya (left about 9 years ago) and while there I became good friends with a lot of the staff who worked at the two Docomo Deaf Dream shops in Sakae. I stayed in touch with some of them but lost contact many years ago and would so love to find them again.

I have tried looking for the shops to contact but can find no email addresses. Is there a Deaf Club or Deaf Society, etc in Nagoya that I might contact.
Any thoughts very much appreciate!!!

Deaf Japan Network said...

There are a few organizations that you may contact in Nagoya-shi.

Firstly, the Aichi Prefecture Association of the Deaf, located near the Nagoya District Court, has a request form by e-mail:

Secondly, the Nagoya Information and Culture Center for the Deaf, located in Nakamura-ku, has an email address:

Hope it helps you.

meandmyshadow said...

Thank you sooo much for that! Anything is worth a try. I really appreciate your suggestions and will check them out.