Silent magic show to be held in Tokyo in June

The Silent magic show to fund raise for the stricken area will be held in Tokyo on June 26, Sunday, 13:30-15:00, 2011.

Admission fee
Ticket sold in advance: 1,000 yen
(Ticket on the day: 1,500 yen)

The first Silent Magic Show was held by the Saitama Art Theatrical Company in Saitama Prefecture in 2009, which three Deaf Russian magicians performed.

It was so popular that the second show will take place in Tokyo which Deaf Japanese magicians across Japan will perform.

NOBU (23), Deaf from Saitama Prefecture. He won the first prize at the World Deaf Magicians Festival held in Italy in 2010.

Mr. Kawazu, Deaf from Osaka Prefecture. He was awarded the fifth prize at the World Deaf Magicians Festival held in Moscow in 2002.

MA-SA- YA (17), hearing young magician from Tokyo

Magic Toshima, Deaf from Tokyo. He won the second place at the World Deaf Magicians Festival held in New York in 1996.

TASHIRO Shigeru, hearing from Saitama Prefecture. President of the Japan Close-up Magicians' Association (JCMA)

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