Note-taking group in Yamaguchi Prefecture to hold a free workshop

Members input character to computer while hearing the spoken language. The input character is projected onto the screen in the back.

March 29, 2011

An incorporated nonprofit organization, "The Note Taking Shimonoseki" in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi prefecture will hold a free workshop for note-takers on on April 17.

President NAKANO Mitsuko (67) says, "Many people believe that the deaf use sign language, but actually there are not many who use sign language. A lot of them have a hard time in communications. Please come to the workshop and experience by all means".

The spoken language of a hearing person is written down on paper, or input in the computer which is shown on the screen. Nakano speaks, "The repetition of the word is omitted as much as possible, but not missing the point of what is said".

"The Note Taking Shimonoseki" was formed in 1992, and became an incorporated non-profit organization (NPO) in August, 2007. 39 of the 20-70's members such as a company employee, housewife, etc. who were trained as a note-taker through the course are registered as an interpreter. The members hold a workshop twice a week to practice note-taking skills.

Shimonoseki City entrusted the note-taking service for the deaf residents free of charge to NPO. 415 note-takers were available to 138 deaf persons in total last year for hospital, PTA meeting, lecture meeting, musical, and the movie.

The upcoming workshop aims at providing understanding of the nature of note taking and recruiting more prospective volunteers. Nakano says, "If a person nearby can write down what is said even if you become older and hard to hear, it helps you to communicate at ease".

The regular training course is scheduled for May 15, 2011 through January 29, 2012.

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