Hearing aid makers support the hard of hearing in the earthquake-hit area


The hearing aid manufacturers, etc. are advancing support for the people who are deaf or hard of hearing who were stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, concerned people are needed to support the makers' effort to send goods to the person in question.

The Japanese Cochlea located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo is sending a special battery and parts to hospitals in the stricken area. However, the confirmation whether reaching the user himself appears to be difficult. The special battery is good for average three days.

There are about 600 cochlea-implanted persons in the Tohoku region, half of whom is congenital hard hearing. It is said that there are more children.

The company says, "Many of the cochlea-implanted children are not possible to sign and have a difficulty in communication. You may doubt the battery expired in the cochlea when the child appears to behave strangely".

Moreover, 14 member manufacturer companies of the Japanese Hearing Aid Industry Association are offering the victims the replacement of the hearing aid and the battery free.


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