Fire fighting headquarters makes conversation card for emergency


April 5, 2011

The Koyama City Fire Fighting Headquarters in Tochigi Prefecture made the "conversation card" for smooth communication with the Deaf person or the foreigner in the emergency transportation.

Four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese) are described on the A4-size card, on which the patient points the symptom and parts such as "the pain is here", "there is an unpleasantness in the part".

A space on the reverse is put down the address, the name, the medicine, and the name of the primary care physician, etc. by the patient when possible.

The Koyama fire station says that there was no big problem though the interpreter had been sent to the emergency site and the hospital up to now for the Deaf. They aim at taking prompter action regarding the selection of the medical institution, etc. with the use of the card in the future.

There is no case yet used though the card has been loaded into each vehicle of the emergency and fire fighting since March.

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