Documentary film on Deaf women soccer players to be shown in May

Director Nakamura Kazuhiko talks about his movie "Eye Contact."

April 13, 2011

The documentary movie, "Eye Contact," related to the national Deaf women soccer teammates that Director NAKAMURA Kazuhiko (50) produced will be shown at two cities in Fukuoka Prefecture for a few days in May.

Nakamura learned sign language, participated in the practice with the teammates, spent two and a half years for filming. He said, "I wanted to tell about the truth of the Deaf community. I want the spectators to feel the way of life of the Deaf women who grow up through soccer."

The 88-minute movie follows after the high school students and housewives who played soccer and competed at the 21st Summer Deaflympic Games opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 2009.

Twenty-five players' upbringings, the scene of the special support school and the office where they belong to, and the testimonies of their family and the colleagues are collected.

This movie also tells the levels of deafness and sign language skill varies, introducing the current state of the deaf education.

Movie preview in Japanese:

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