Unveiling ceremony of hand print for graduation held in school for the Deaf in Yamagata Prefecture

A Deaf student Matsuura (right), and hearing students who produced her hand print in the school court.
(photo: http://www.shonai-nippo.co.jp/cgi/ad/day.cgi?p=2011:02:25)

February 25, 2011

The unveiling ceremony of "a hand print for a memento of graduation" that commemorated the graduation of a junior high school student was held in the Yamagata Prefecture Sakata School for the Deaf (18 pupils and students from kindergarten to junior high school) on February 23.

The mechanics students at an adjoining the Prefecture Sakata Industrial High School (514 students) produced the hand print.

The School for the Deaf has requested the hearing school to produce a hand print in the graduation commemoration since 1998. This year it was for MATSUURA Chika (15), a junior high student who is graduating this April.

The ceremony was held in the courtyard of the school for the Deaf. Four mechanics students who produced her hand-print attended it with the Deaf students and staff.

Matsuura gave a speech, "I am very glad to have my hand print made. I will visit here again when I grow up. Thank you very much". Lastly all the people present surrounded the hand print for a souvenir picture.

The school for the deaf will be changed as the Sakata Special Support School with a division for Deaf students and students with learning disability respectively in April, 2012.

Also the Sakata Industrial High School will be integrated with other three hearing high schools in Sakata City in April, 2013.

However, both the schools will continue this project in the future.

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