"Sign language news program" on the disaster starts by live broadcasting

Live broadcasting in JSL in the studio.
(photo: http://getnews.jp/archives/105793)


The signed news program started by the 'Smile Video' provided by the 'Smile Broadcast' service that is able to broadcast" by the use of the syuwa.JPG Internet.

This is conducted with 'Smile Video' users who volunteer to translate latest information concerning the northeastern Japan great earthquake into JSL.

The first broadcasting was carried out only for 10 minutes by the new staff members including the interpreters. The quality of the program has improved gradually after repeating the trial and error while keeping broadcasting, too.

The comments from Deaf viewers; "I am glad to enjoy the signed broadcasting real-time", "I get the atmosphere of the press conference very well, and feel strained, too. It is wonderful to see how you interpret simultaneously".

The signed news program will continue until March 24, 2011.

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