Parents submit signatures to education board on school for the Deaf in Shiga Prefecture

A group of parents submits signatures to the Shiga Prefecture Education Board in the Prefecture Government Office.

January 31, 2011

A group of 20 parents having Deaf children submitted the signatures of 13,508 people, which were collected four months since September, 2010, to the prefecture education board in Shiga near Kyoto on January 31.

To aim to strengthen the support to children with learning disorder (LD), etc., and to unify the schools for the blind, deaf and other disabled as a "special support school", the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology revised the School Education Law in 2007. The local governments, etc. are to make the judgment concerning admission of the children with disabilities.

The group of parents demanded the enhancement of the educational environment like the installation of the air-conditioning machine, etc., because as they say the hearing aid becomes useless in summer by the Deaf child's sweat. Also "the specialty is indispensable for the language development, etc of the Deaf children as cited the reason for keeping the school open.

In response, education board officials said, "The unification to the special support school is not a case now," etc.

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