JFD: Report meeting related to Deaf relief at headquarters

JFD Tokyo Office Director Hisamatsu reports on his visits to the stricken area in northeastern Japan and Kanto region.
Relief goods project leader reports on his activity.
HQ meeting related to the Deaf relief activities
The medial team discusses the future action and policy.
(photos: http://www.jfd.or.jp/tohoku-eq2011/p003)


The Japanese Federation of the Deaf's Northeastern Japan Deaf victims relief headquarters held a meeting to report on the local situation of the Deaf community in the stricken area on March 29, Tuesday, 19:00-22:00 in the conference room of The Nippon Foundation in Tokyo.
There was a report from the General Secretary Hisamatsu on his visit to Tohoku and Kanto regions including five prefectures, and from the relief goods staff respectively.
Iwate prefecture:

- It was not possible to go to the coast area and find the missing Deaf residents because there was no answer even by the fax, and neither transportation nor gasoline was not available.

- A lot of Deaf senior citizens lived in the area, and after the earthquake, many of them took shelter to their children or relative.

- JFD staff discussed with the Deaf association, the information center of the Deaf, and they would investigate separately for four districts after March 27.

- There is a possibility that the Iwate relief headquarters be set up in the information center of the Deaf.

- The association went to the Prefecture government, explained the situation of the Deaf residents, and requested cooperation.

Miyagi prefecture:

- The Miyagi relief headquarters was set up, and they are looking for whereabouts of the Deaf residents and visiting the refuge in different places.

- As there is no available space to put relief goods that have been sent, the HQ is trying to find out any facility of other disability organization to rent.

- There should be a rule to send the relief goods to prevent HQ in the stricken area from a heavy workload to sort out: only the same kind of things in one box.

- The interpreting service is requested, which should be responded immediately.

Fukushima prefecture:

- The Association office is steady, and they also advance the search for the missing Deaf residents.

- However, it is difficult to find whereabouts of the Deaf residents who take shelter for the radiation leak by the nuclear accident: they are moved from the refuge to another, or move out of the prefecture for safety.

- Only information becomes reliance because we cannot see the radiation leak, and it is more difficult for the Deaf residents who are not accessible to the vital information.

- The HQ is confronted by the situation that forces them think of moving the office function to other place if radiation poisoning comes to reach Fukushima City or Koriyama City by any chance.

In general:

- The Deaf victim suffers mentally from the struck experience, and the situation and the degree are also various to the person.

- Not only the support of goods, but also the psychological care for the Deaf victim is urgently needed.

- The cooperation of the prefecture and the municipality administration is necessary for the support of the Deaf community.

- The rule for the volunteer support and the relief goods sorted should be made, and be known to the people concerned immediately.

- A request from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on meeting the needs of the Deaf victims seems to fail each refuge. It is necessary to distribute material, etc. to every refuge in order to meet their needs, .

Besides, the dispatch to the rescue Miyagi headquarters and Ishinomaki City is scheduled to report on the situation of the dispatch of the sign language interpreter, and to start on March 30. The request comes from Natori City and Watari City, and the interpreter dispatch request will increase in the future.
The report of the locale was received respectively, each section like interpreters, medical treatment (mental caring) group, and support goods groups, etc. , had a sub-meeting on the future activities and policy, etc.

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