Group of hearing students tweets the TV news for the Deaf community

TAJIMA Mina tweets summarizing the news of the earthquake at home in Aichi Prefecture.

March 15, 2011

The group of hearing students of Nihon Fukushi University (Japan Welfare University) in Mihama Cho in Aichi Prefecture tweet the TV news related to the eastern Japan great earthquake, etc. for the Deaf community across Japan.

They say, "We hope their anxiousness caused by the lack of information will be disappeared by our effort to provide caption through our tweets". The tweet account: and .

TAJIMA Mina (22) found a tweet on the the night of March 12, the next day after the great earthquake struck Japan. The Deaf woman in Tokyo tweeted: "I am worried because there is neither interpreting nor caption on the TV news related the devasting disaster at all".

Tajima has voluntereed to take note for the Deaf students at the university. She e-mailed her friends and they started summarizing and tweeting the content of news for the Deaf community on the afternoon of March 13.

More hearing university students in the Kansai Region responded Tajima's request, joining the effort . Ten students alternatively summarize the news such as the earthquake, nuclear power plants, and rolling blackouts and tweet by two hours at evening and night.

Tajima, a senior majoring in social work who will graduate on March 19, spoke, "I want to work hard until March 18 though I am busy at the end of the student life".

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