Flashing fire-alarm device for the Deaf required to install at public facilities

A flashing fire-alarm device for the Deaf with the sign for evacuation in Tokyo Metropolitan Government
(photo: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/news/20110308-OYT1T00624.htm)


The Fire and Disaster Management Agency under the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications has decided the policy of obligating the installation of the flashing fire-alarm device for the Deaf in public facilities such as the airports, the stations, hotels, etc.

Authorities will revise the fire regulations to require these public facilities to use not only audio alarm devices but also the flashing alarm one to warn the Deaf of the fire simultaneously. The revised regulations will start in fiscal year 2013 for newly-built facilities.

When a fire occurs, many Deaf persons are not aware of the sound of the fire-alarm device and emergency announcements in the public facility, and feel uneasiness for staying at the hotel alone, etc. Moreover, a Deaf person notices a small fire by the searchlight of the fire engine.



Hello, how are you and your family after the disaster? I hope alright. Greetings, Martin Terryn

Deaf Japan News said...

Many thanks!! We all are OK. Really the horrible disaster scared us. I live near the Tokyo area, yet we were shocked, unable to move out instantly while we were home. Still there are aftershocks often, but less than the beginning. We always think of the Deaf people over there in the eastern prefectures in Japan. Please pray for them.