Deaf students pass national qualification examination on dangerous substances handling

HIRAMATSU Toru (right) and ABE Mahiro

January 29, 2011

HIRAMATSU Toru (17) and ABE Mahiro (17), both a high school student of the Oita Prefecture School for the Deaf located in Oita City in a southern island of Japan, passed the national qualification examination for a "second-level dangerous substances handler" that had been conducted in November, 2010.

There are six kinds of test in the examination, and Hiramatsu was successfully qualified for all the tests this time while Abe acquired the fourth kind of test.

There are three types in the national qualification on handling dangerous substances, and the second-level examination includes six kinds of test.

Hiramatsu was qualified as a handler by passing up to the fourth test in November, 2009. It is possible to take an examination up to three at once by passing the fourth test. He said, "I had to try hard to remember the name, etc. of each material". After he graduates this spring, he will be employed in a car company that he has dreamed for. He said with a smile, "My future goal is to get a driving license and go on driving".

Abe spent a year for preparation and passed the narrow gate of the national examination which the ratio of successful applicants in the prefecture for the examination was about 26%. He said, "I was glad when I learned that I made it, because it was very difficult. I will work hard aiming at passing the rest of the tests just like Hiramatsu."

The Oita Prefecture branch of the Japan Fire Engineering Qualification Center that sponsors the national qualifying examination spoke, "Hiramatsu might be the first Deaf high school student who is successfully qualified for all kinds of handler in the prefecture".

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