Deaf society asks for help in getting emergent information in Shizuoka Prefecture


It has been understood that as the emergency information by the wireless speaker did not reach the deaf residents when Tohoku-Kanto Great Earthquake occurred and later the 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit the east part of Shizuoka Prefecture, they are worried about being unaware of the unusual situation and the shelter, etc.

Also a lot of the Deaf residents appeal for uneasiness to the paucity of information related to the rolling blackout schedule in the east part of Shizuoka Prefecture since March 14 after the great earthquake. The Shizuoka Prefecture Society of the Deaf is requesting to meet the needs of the Deaf community in the emergency.

The society staff said that the Deaf residents depend on a news flash of the television above all in the emergency though the tool to gather information by Deaf people extended by the spread of the cellular phone and the Internet. However, the TV news with caption alone is not enough for them to grip facts and figures.

A Deaf man Seiichi Suzuki (33) said about the the rolling blackout. "I did not know there was the broadcast wireless that tells the electric blackout. Neither I could know what time and the location where I live will blacked out from the TV news".

Kentaro Kokura (27) who sits on the board of the society appeals, "Because the TV news without sign language and the caption either gives few information immediately, the Deaf people become very anxious".

The information is also not accessible outside like the station and the refuge, etc. it is more difficult. For example, the blog of a Deaf victim in the Tohoku region struck by the earthquake states, "I could do nothing but follow other people going whereabouts at the station," "I am not sure what and how much I can get by standing in the line to get foods", etc.

The Deaf groups in the prefecture hold the disaster prevention workshop, learning urgently necessary communications to request such as writing. Kokura calls, "We want people to lend their help when the Deaf person is around as he/she will understand the situation only from writing at once".

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