Baseball player to sign a message to disaster victims for revival

Ramirez (right) practices dashing with his teammate Abe in the indoor training field.


The charity matching game between the Giants and the Dragons will be held at Nagoya in honor of the victims of the northeastern Japan great earthquake on March 27 and April 2-3.

The Giants outfielder Alex Ramirez (36) plans to send a message in sign language when he hits the home run.

He said, "I think that holding the charity game is a very good attempt. I am glad to participate because I believe this would help the disaster victims".

Ramirez decided he would send the message in front of the camera signing "We are one. Cheer up Nippon!" after his home run aiming at the fan and people in the stricken area.

It was his wife who suggested that he would sign a message after the home run. She saw the news report of strikingly sorrowful victims on the television with interpreting in the small frame on the left of the TV screen.

When coming to Japan from Venezuela, Ramirez was helped by a lot of Japanese, overcoming difficulties. He has shown how much he is grateful that cannot be forgotten through baseball.

He also has already contributed the relief and condolence money of one million dollars (about 80 million yen) to the stricken area through the "Tokyo Baptist Church". Moreover, the medicine and the medical supply were sent through a doctor who is one of his acquaintances.

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