Sign and spoken languages on disaster information through net in Osaka Prefecture

Disaster information by sign language was projected on the computer.

The signed disaster information was shown on the display of the mobile phone, too.

January 15, 2011

There was a training in Osaka Prefecture on January 11 that sign and spoken languages were carried live in the streaming service "U-Stream" for the Deaf and persons with visual impairment, who are unable to obtain necessary information easily on the radio and the television, etc. at the disaster.

Parties concerned said that this disaster information through the net was the first kind of an unusual attempt in the country. "We hope it will be a means to prevent the persons with disabilities being out of information".

"The river is rising because of the downpour, and there is danger of flooded".

At the Life Support Center for Persons with Disabilities in Osaka, Director NISHITAKI Norihiko, who is Deaf, started the dissemination by sign language in front of the small video camera connected with the computer. The Same information went out through the audio output, e-mail, and twitter. Four Deaf persons watched the signed information reflected on the screen.

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