Multifunctional cellular phone supports the Deaf on bus

Deaf passengers check a multifunctional cellular phone in the hand on bus around in the city.


The research team of the Hiroshima University graduate school is developing the system to convey public traffic information to the Deaf with the use of a multifunctional cellular phone (smart phone) .

They aim to reduce the uneasiness of the Deaf, who do not hear announcements in the bus, with the help of the display of textual message on the portable screen.

Traffic Engineering Professor FUJIWARA Akimasa has been working on soft wear developments, etc. by the consignment of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

A Deaf passenger selects the nearest bus stop of the destination before he gets on. The present location and the time required are automatically transmitted. The bus stop approaches while getting on, the phone will be vibrated along with textual message saying "Please get prepared for getting off".

The research team conducted the survey on the system in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture on January 16. Eleven Deaf persons who volunteered were divided into six groups and got on tour bus that visits the sightseeing spots in the city, operating the mobile phone.

In the questionnaire after the survey, there were opinions such as "It was easy to use", "It will be easier to notice if strongly vibrating a little more", etc.

The research team says that they will complete the system by March, 2011 based on the result of the survey and the requests for the improvement.

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