Hearing students invent machine that translates from the fingerspelling into voice

Finger spelling translation machine that the hearing university students developed.
(photo: http://mainichi.jp/select/today/news/20101226k0000e040004000c.html)

The team of five seniors majoring engine at Kyoto University invented a translation machine called "TEMS" that converts the finger spelling into the voice. This machine will help communications between the signer and non-signer.

The members say that they hope to improve the machine to detect the entire movement of not only the finger spelling but also the hand with the sensor, and to convert the sign language into the spoken one.

This translation machine won the first place in the the university section of the domestic preliminary contest of the 2nd International Nano Micro Application Contest which the developments of related devices are competed, held in Sendai City early December, 2010.

The team will participate in the World Contest in Beijing in June, 2011.

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