Hard of hearing woman works as speech pathologist in Fukoka Prefecture

NAKAMURA Saori explains her work as a speech pathologist.

January 11, 2011

The speech pathologist is a profession in the field of rehabilitation to train a deaf person to regain hearing, and to teach a person with autism, etc. to utter the word.

NAKAMURA Saori (22), who uses the hearing aid due to being born Deaf, has been working as a speech pathologist for ten months at the facility for the persons with disabilities in Fukuoka Prefecture, a part of the southern island of Japan.

Mother Noriko (52) noticed that Saori apparently has fewer words than other children when she was 3 years old ready to go to the preschool. So Saori's training in the special support school started.

She was trained to memorize the word that she heard from the conversation of surroundings with the use of the hearing aid. She went to school from the kindergarten to the high school where the hearing children attended. She liked playing the musical instruments such as piano.

When Saori was a high school student, she checked the course that would help find a future job and knew a national qualification of speech pathologist. She went to the special school in Fukuoka City that would help her take the qualification. Later she began working at the facility last April.

There are about 120 people living in the facility. The rehabilitation program is different depending on the person, so neither her knowledge nor the technique are not enough to meet their needs. Saori says, "I came to understand that only my feelings to make the best use of my experience was useless".

There is an electric piano in the dormitory in the facility where Saori lives alone. She says she would like to challenge to get qualified as a music therapist sooner or later.

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