Hard of hearing members learn sign language and finger spelling in Nagano Prefecture

The participants enjoy playing the Japanese card in finger spelling after the practice.

January 9, 2011

The Nagano Prefecture Society of the Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened opened the "communications study meeting" in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture on January 8. There were 15 participants, who practiced finger spelling and learned about interpreting and note-taking.

TAKAHASHI Toshie (54), a certified interpreter, introduced sign language and the finger spelling, and showed how to do them. After everyone showed the Japanese syllabary by the finger spelling, and enjoyed playing the card with a Japanese letter.

One of the participants (57) spoke, "There is a hard of hearing person near my home, so I have wanted to learn sign language, etc.".

HAMA Fumiko (71), the leader of the society, said, "The hearing-impaired person is usually isolated from the circle if he or she doesn't understand the conversation. I want people to write or sign to them so that they feel belonged".

The study meeting will be held on January 15th and 22nd, and the symposium on the hearing aid is also scheduled for January 30th.

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