Disability pension to be applied without medical certificate, Dstrict court says

There was a lawsuit by a Deaf housewife (63, name withheld) in Kobe City against the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to withdraw its rejection of her application for the disability basic pension. It is one of the national pensions that a person with disability applies to receive when he/she reaches the age of 20.

The ministry had admitted only a part of provision of the pension because her past medical certificate did not exist. The Kobe district court ordered the ministry to cancel its decision on January 12.

Presiding Judge TSUGAMURA Akiyoshi stated, "The disability will be possibly recognized as long as there is reasonable material", grounded on the doctor's opinion in writing. etc.

The judicial decision that admits pension rights is exceptional without the medical certificate according to the attorney for the plaintiff.

The housewife has decreased hearing since three years old. In 2007, she applied for the pension from the year 1967 when she was 20 years old, which the ministry did not accept, saying that there was no medical certificate at that time.

Ministry officials spoke, "It is thought to be a stern legal decision that our claim had not been accepted".

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Giving pension to the disability people is very first thing need to by govt people. So that they should not get any problem.