Deaf youth from Osaka blessed at Coming of Age ceremony

Two persons representing the Deaf youth take an oath at Coming of Age ceremony in Osaka City.

January 10, 2011

The coming of age ceremony for young Deaf people from Osaka Prefecture who have turned 20 took place in Osaka City on January 9. Invited were 32 young persons, who attended it in the best clothes and renewed their consciousness of being an adult.

The event is sponsored by the Osaka Prefecture Association of the Deaf and the Osaka City Society of the Deaf in the beginning of January every year as a place where the Deaf seniors encourage and bless the youth.

Two Deaf youth went up on the platform on behalf of their fellows, and declared as a new adult, "We sworn to walk toward light of hope, meet people, connect with them, respect myself, and advance forward" in sign language.

OTAKE Koji, chairman of the Osaka Prefecture Association made a encouraging remark, "The problem of communications may be brought up in the social life. Don't keep being worried. Don't endure yourselves without any reason, either. Make Deaf persons a companion for help to unburden your troubles".

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