Deaf woman teaches Deaf children after school in Okinawa Prefecture

Kuwae Ayako is teaching the Deaf students by using sign language and writing.

A Deaf-born woman KUWAE Ayako (29) has been teaching Deaf children in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture since June, 2010.

She has provided a study space for the children, saying, "A place that Deaf children can learn and meet other peers at ease was necessary". Though it was not easy to operate it for half a year, she came to feel encouraged with a smile of the student who says, "I am happy to attend this friendly study space".

Kuwae attended a hearing school in her hometown, and oral communications were taken with surroundings all time. It was difficult for her to completely understand the spoken conversation with the friend, too.

After entering the college, Kuwae met other Deaf student, who advised her to get a support service such as note-taking. With the support, she was glad to understand the class, but at the same time she got angry about herself how much she had missed during her school days.

There are currently five junior and high school students at the space. One of the students happily said, "After I came here, I not only understand study, but also take communications positively with other friends".

Kuwae spoke, "I will work harder when seeing a smile of every student, though it is always difficult to teach".

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